The Hyper Connected World Notes

Is the internet helpful or harmful to creativity?

The internet is helpful for creativity in my opinion. It allows us to share and support each others hussle, it allows us to create for a purpose, but don’t get me wrong it comes with many cons suchs as copying designs rather than getting inspiration, for an example tattoo designs. Despite this the internet is great for feedback and constructive criticism to be given about your work to help improve and succeed. It gets your work to be seen world wide and helps build awareness, for an example the BLM movement was accomplished by the pros of social media.

Social media has also changed outside art influences such as museums, The Selfie Factory, allows selfie taking with fun, quirky backdrops for you to fill up your camera roll with amazing photos of you and your friends.

A loop hole within social media are terms and conditions. These are designed to be off putting, therefore frequently go unread. We are signing up to having no copyright on our content. For an example (Facebook)

Unfuck the internet — Monzilla (2020)

The internet has become “a place filled with misinformation, corruption and greed” — Shepard, CMO of Monzilla.

Finding ctrl- Nesta (2019)

50 yrs old internet, predicts future on the internet.

BCU Graphic Communication / Second year